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Club Connect is a newly established business owned and operated by GPM Consulting & Brokerage.

With over 20 years experience in many facets of the gaming industry, the owner of GPM, Greg Petith, decided to launch clubconnect after realising the need for such a service. This service is one that many clubs and hotels can utilize in order to run their venues more efficiently.

The prime objective of clubconnect is to save clubs time, increase productivity and reduce costs. Who would have thought that these objectives could be achieved through the development of a website, a website with such a simple navigational system, anyone can use.

The service offers many options, from a general search for a supplier to a quick quote. All this is at no cost to the end-user.

For further information on Club Connect or some of the many other services offered by GPM, please send us an email.

Contact details

Address: PO BOX 619 Narellan NSW 2567
Telephone: 02 4647 5091
Fax: 02 4647 5094
Mobile: +61 438 418 984
E-Mail: info@clubconnect.com.au

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